The Signature Skirt - Atropa

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NOK 3,600.00

Elegant and practical - our first ever model and the reason we started this Label.

The Atropa skirt pattern follows the idea of a Victorian Corset Skirt, high waisted yet modernly shorter cut. It is designed to flatter curves. 

Therefor each skirt will be adjusted to your measures (yet, not fully tailored), you can chose any time you want once we get back to you after you have placed your order.


You can chose and fabric you like based on this portfolio (if not listed, get in touch with us, we got some gems in the storage). The pictures here profide possible specifications.


A possible special feature is the coat fabric:a cashmere-wool mix, thick and weather resistent. 

The skirt is unlinned to make it able to adjust the thickness on your own.

A close look on the fabrics and how to maintain them