The Helleborus Dress

NOK 4,800.00

No matter if you are going to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors whilst the sun kisses your face, stroll through the city streets or if you are about hunting mushrooms - with  this garment you are always perfectly dressed.


The design follows the pattern of traditional folkwear, the upper part is carefully cut and lined with a medium collar. The sleeves are puffed to grant you good movement while looking elegant. The skirt is wide and approximately 80cm long to make you feel comfortable. Also, this dress comes with pockets for your convinience.


For the fabric we use medium wool flannel. Metal buttons at the front of the bodice and hidden press buttons at the skirt close the dress. 


If you prefer other variations of sleeves, neckline, length or pleats of the skirt you can chose with the bespoke version.


A close look on the fabrics and how to maintain them