The Gentiana Dress


A wedding or a funeral? A metal or a piano concert? Out for tea or drinks? Strolling throught the forest or the ciry?

No matter which one is your favourite, pretty dress of practical fabric brings timeless fashion to your wardrobe.



You chose the specifications of this dress - which sleeves, neckline and skirt you are going to wear.



The design follows the pattern of traditional folkwear, the upper part is carefully cut but not lined - depending on the season its meant to wear the rigt underdress (silk in summer, wool in winter).

The sleeves are slightly puffed at the shoulders to grant you good movement while looking elegant.

The skirt is wide and pleated to make you feel comfortable and make your bum look nicely against your waist.  

The dress is made of medium heavy wool gabardin. Fabric covered metal buttons at the front of the bodice and hidden press buttons at the skirt close the dress. 


The pictures show possible combinations of the specifications you can chose.


At the checkout you need to inform us which size, type of sleeve, type of neckline and length of skirt and pleats at the skirt you want to have. 


  1. Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
  2. Sleeves: short & cuffed, 3/4, long & straight, long & cuffed
  3. Neckline: no collar, tiny collar, high collar, u-shaped & deep
  4. Skirtpleats: ruffeld pleats, knife pleats
  5. Skirtlength: between 70-100cm