The Aconitum Napellus Dress


Imagine the soft wind that razzing through the colour changing leaves is now getting colder. Imagine the first frost touches the colourful remains of the once rich and green leaves, the still warm and bright sun shines through the now almost empty branches.

No matter if you are going to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors whilst the sun kisses your face, stroll through the city streets or if you are about hunting mushrooms - with  this garment you are always perfectly dressed.


The design follows the pattern of traditional folkwear, the upper part is carefully cut and lined. The sleeves are slightly puffed at the shoulders to grant you good movement while looking elegant. The Skirt is wide and pleated to make you feel comfortable and make your bum look nicely against your waist.  


The dress is made of medium heavy Wool, the upper part is lined with a thin woolen fabric. Metal buttons at the front of the bodice and hidden press buttons at the skirt close the dress. 


Wool is a strong, sturdy fabric - you will have years of joy with it if you treat it nicely. The best way to care for your clothing is washing as little as possible. Just clean with a brush and hang regularly to air - outside during the night if possible. Remove stains carefully with a wet cloth. If you need to wash it, we highly recommend to wash the cloth only by hand, don’t wring. Dry on a hanger. Iron carefully by using as little heat as possible.Take care that if you have a ‚hard’ water or water with lots of additives to use the right - and the right amount - of detergent.