An overview over of the fabrics and and other material 

Please keep in mind, that the pictures are transported via a digital medium and therefor colours may vary compared to reality.



Brilliantly basic wool fabric 

A carefully tight woven fabric, produced in Italy and made of 100% virgin wool.

Its medium heavy and weights about 280 gr/sqm which makes it perfect for clothing to be worn in in the colder times of the year. We basically produce our attire using the fabric in black, although some pieces may be available in emerald green or oxblood red.





Our mainly linen weights about 170 gr/sqm and is woven tight - it is usually available in, dark and light grey.

 The fabric is produced in Poland.

Each season we purchase a bunch of colourful fabric offer the respective models in the color of the season. The colourful pieces are then limited to a certain number.


Please note that the Classic Myosotis Dress, The Hamamelis Skirt and the Bellas Top have been made of a another kind of Linen as the currently available models - a much lighter fabric in a very different shade of grey.






Ramie is a plant based fabric, similar to Linen yet with a more soft touch. Which makes it very flowy an don't stiff at all. Another benefit: when the fabric crinckles they also almost disappear when the piece of clothing is placed on a hanger for a while. For its remarkable structure we use a 250g/ sqm fabric for our dresses.
For it being rather heavy, its totally opaque even when its white.




Heavy wool-cashmere Mix


For our Atropa Skirt we use a really heavy fabric, about 400 gr/sqm, which consists of wool and a tenth cashmere.

This fabric is also produced in Italy and usually available in black and grey.

Sometimes also in noisette brown and light, greyish beige. 




Tweed - tight


This fabric is made of 100% wool, woven of a tightly spun yarn that makes the fabrics surface feel plain, you can compare it a little bit with jeans fabric. It weights about 300 gr/sqm and is made of black and white yarn, the white yarn overweights a little bit.




Tweed - fluffy


For this 100% wool fabric the yarn is not so tightly spun, with grants a tiny little bit of flexibility and a fluffy, warm feeling. The weight is also about 300 gr/sqm, is made of black and white yarn, the black yarn overweights a little bit.





Used for our plaids and the Atropa Skirt and made of 100% wool - about 340 gr/sqm heavy comes the dark blueish grey coloured Bouclé.




Standardly used traditional button - Edelweiß

High in the alps you might find the flower Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) - based on the heritage we have chosen this 15mm wide silvery metal button to be our standard button. 
If that model is not for you, we offer you the options listed below.



Seashell Buttons


For the closure of some dresses we can use this seashell buttons with a diameter of approximately 18mm. The come in a natural grey and the tones of each might therefor vary a little bit.



Svarowski Buttons


For the front closure of dresses we can use those Swarovski buttons made of clear glass. They have a diameter of about 15mm. They are made of glass and therefor a little bit fragile, handle with care.



Press buttons and others


Some patterns and sizes require additional, sometimes hidden, closuring options. Therefor you might find some metal press buttons, tiny metal hooks and zippers as part of your attire. 
Note that the zipper is made of plastic due to this being the most durable and fabric protecting option.