When ordering with us, we came to the conclusion, that it makes most sense if you do not chose a specific model with the chance to adapt ist, but to chose between a set of specifications.


The respective product page will show you the adjustments that are possible, here is an overview and a description of all available specifications.




Short, wide & cuffed    -    3/4, normal & straight    -    Long, normal & straight    -    Long, wide & cuffed



no collar    -    tiny collar    -    high collar    -    u-shaped & deep 



knife pleats linen   -    knife pleats wool    -    ruffled pleats linen   -   ruffled pleats wool



Our passion are traditional ruffles!

Typically we would adorn the neckline and the sleeves with suitable elements. However, possibilities vary a lot depending on the kind of fabric that shall be used therefor we kindly ask you to get un touch with us options and details.

Here are some examples:




How to measure

Measure your Body with the undergarments you plan to wear (e.g. with padded bra, without bra, shapewear etc) and compare the results to find the right size.

If you provide us with with the circumference of your bust and waist we will gladly consider it (along the actually possibilities)  while creating your attire.




Chose between XS - S - M - L- XL according to our size-chart

If you feel that the sizing won't fit your body, please leave a note at the checkout - we are pretty much aware how much a size should differ if you are big or tall and would be happy to adjust.



Adjustments to the size (vs. made-to-measure Option)

Adjustment of a size means we would widen or tighten the circumference at the waist/hips, shoulderwith or sleevelength.

Made-to-measure means that we model the garment along the form of your body - as far as this is possible virtually. It requires a constant exchange of information and pictures.