Kjære nordmenn! Vi har flyttet hovedkvarteret vårt til Bergen, for nasjonale bestillinger er du mer enn velkommen til å kontakte oss direkte!


We came to the conclusion to provide two options to provide you even more personalised attire: selected models where you can chose between predefined specifications &  get a fixed price in advance or a completely customised model exactly how you imagine it - made to measure with as much delicate details as you prefer.

The selected models you can find directly below, for the other option please leave us a note via tailoress@hel.design .



Here is an overview and a description of available specifications for the listed above models.



Chose between XS - S - M - L- XL according to our size-chart

If you feel that the sizing won't fit your body, please leave a note at the checkout - we are pretty much aware how much a size should differ if you are big or tall and would be happy to adjust.



Short & wide: the sleeves are  cut short and wide. Reference: Rosa Dress.

3/4 & straight: the sleeves are cut approximately below your elbow, the circumference is tapered. Reference: Hellebores Dress

Long & straight: the sleeves are cut long the circumference is tapered. Reference: bespoke Hellebores Dress

Long & wide: the sleeves are cut long and wide, they are cuffed. Reference: bespoke Hellebores Dress



No collar: the neckline is round without a collar. Reference: Rosa Dress.
Tiny collar: the neckline is round with a tiny, approximately 2,5cm high collar. Reference: Hellebores Dress

High collar: the neckline is round with a slightly higher, approximately 5cm, collar. Reference: the 2021 Hellebores Dress.

U-shaped & deep: bespoke Hellebores Dress


Skirt length

You can chose any length between 60cm and 100cm, please note that the final result may very up to 5cm. 





Our passion are traditional ruffles!


Typically we would adorn the neckline and the sleeves with suitable elements. However, possibilities vary a lot depending on the kind of fabric that shall be used therefor we kindly ask you to get in touch with us to discuss options and details.