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Additional Options & Samples


If you want a piece of clothing adapted to your actual measurements, we gladly will make that for you.


For more questions and a specific price please contact us.

Sample Sale


Sample Sale


Here you can find the samples and prototypes.

Samples we used for shootings only, prototypes are one-of-a-kind Models and might be not perfectly crafted.


Myosotis Prototyp 1 
Size XS/S, but very long, you should be taler than 165cm (Model: 164cm). The fabric is a medium heavy, light grey but opaque linen. 

Myosotis Prototyp 2
Size XS/S,  the fabric is a medium heavy wool fabric (you do not need to iron it at all) and a tiny little lace application at neckline.


Off-Season Attire